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1. Membership to Fotooptimum is free.
2. Members are allowed to upload own photos.
3. Explanation about the photo must be correct and must be placed to correct category.
4. An email will be sent when your photo is commented. For the first 24 hours of your upload, your identity will be hidden.
5. On the main page of the site; editors choice(3 photos), site's choice(1 photo), greenpeace's choice(1 photo), are chosen by editors who has proved their photographic knowledge and regarded as pro-photographers.
Photos of the day are the photos(8 or 12 in total) which are given most points in last 24 hours.Every night at 12:00 AM they are automatically chosen by system.
6. On gallery main page, system automatically puts photos into order according to their points given for the day.A photo can go up and take the place of another one(less pointed one)if it reaches higher points then the other. Photos placed on the gallery main page can only be presented for 24 hours, after 24 hours its automatically deleted by the system.
7. Pro membership is only alloted for the photographers of Greenpeace Akdeniz and members.
8. Membership types
Standard membership : 1 photo a day.
Silver membership : 3 photos a day.
Gold membership : 5 photos a day.
Pro membership : 10 photos a day. (Only GreenPeace)

9. Members points to a photo changes according to membership type. However the points can also vary among the members with same membership.Point and membership upgrades are done by the administration according to some criteria.
10. Nude and Erotic images are not acceptable on our website. You can upload such photos on
11. Every member(all membership types) of are accepted as; have read and agree to be bound by these Terms of Use. Logos and explanations of the logos on the site are given below.